8 Beaches You Must Visit in Riviera Maya

8 Beaches You Must Visit in Riviera Maya

There’s no doubt Riviera Maya is made up of some of the best beaches Mexico has to offer. Whether you live in the area full-time or visit as often as you can, you’ll fall in love with Riviera Maya’s pristine beaches over and over again. But what makes these beaches so special? Their clear blue waters, spectacular coral reefs and white sands make for picture-perfect backdrops and unforgettable memories.


We’ve gathered our top 8 (in no particular order) favorite beaches in the Riviera Maya area, all of which make living here and visiting here so worthwhile.


Akumal Beach

Looking to swim with sea turtles and snorkel colorful reefs? Akumal Beach provides amazing scenery to get up close to your favorite sea creatures. Akumal Beach also has a variety of all-inclusive resorts that make for a perfect weekend getaway.


Mayan Beach

After a day of visiting the ruins, you can kick back and relax on this gorgeous beach. Mayan Beach blends natural rocky beauty with clean white sands, providing the perfect back drop for postcard-worthy photos.


Parque Los Fundadores

If you’re looking to see entertaining street shows and nightlife, Parque Los Fundadores is the perfect place to visit once the sun goes down. Overlooking the beach and complimented by the sounds of waves, this hot spot provides you with traditional culture and a front row seat to the Caribbean.


Fatima Bay

Looking for some peace and relaxation? Fatima Bay offers quiet surroundings accompanied by the greenest palm trees perfectly contrasting with clear blue skies. Perfect for long walks and breathtaking snorkeling, this beach is a true hidden gem – grab a cocktail and park yourself under a Tiki hut!


Chan Yu Yum

A small public beach with shallow waters perfect for wading and sunning. Chan Yu Yum is made complete by a nearby reef that provides snorkeling opportunities and surrounded by resorts that provide cultural dining for guests and their families.


Tankah Beach

Also known as Soliman Bay, Tankah Beach is a quiet, relaxing beach that has a private feel. Loaded with rocks and shells, the variety of colorful fish and curious sea turtles make this spot a getaway to remember. Grab a book and find a shady spot because you won’t want to leave this beach.


Omni Beach

Situated behind the Omni Beach Resort, this beach is accessible through the resort and has a small, intimate lounging area. Overlooking the beautiful blue water the Gulf of Mexico is known for, you can grab a lite bite and tropical cocktail while you hang out by the pool or wade in the shallows of the ocean.


Oasis Beach

Fall in love with all of the beauty Mexico has to offer with a trip to Oasis Beach. With stunning sunrises and sunsets, you can stick your toes in the sand or body in the water while you relax in a quiet, private setting. You can rent a lounge chair from a local resort and settle down for a serene day at this beautiful beach.


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